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No one understands the importance of having a functional yet aesthetically pleasing website more than us.
So whatever your business strategy may be, Juvenate Media can design a website tailored to your very
Therefore the first phase of our web design process begins by obtaining a comprehensive understanding of
your business, products and services, target audience and online objectives. With these in mind we then
create beautiful and functional hand crafted websites designed to convert traffic to custom

Everybody has a different specific purpose or goal for their website.

Why Juvenate?

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Websites that are built using the latest Magento eCommerce platform that enable merchants to sell easily online , manage orders and engage with users. The Magento platform also allows the flexibility of managing multiple stores all from the same installation. The content management system ( CMS ) within Magento gives the store owner the option to edit the content on their website at any time, allowing them to add or remove products at will and launchspecial offers and sales.

Magento's Ecommerce

  Platform is trusted by so many of the leading brands worldwide with        almost a quarter of a million businesses leaving their online presence        in their very capable hands. In fact, it’s so popular that 1 in every 4        online businesses is powered by Magento.
       So why do so many people consider Magento the leading platform of        choice for their ecommerce website? There are several benefits that        help to answer this question from its flexible and feature-rich solutions        to its cost effective impact on an overall business.

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  One of the most attractive things about Magento Ecommerce websites is the ability to effectively manage your online store. Site owners          and admins have full control over their website and can manage their website and online store without relying on the technical
         expertise of the site’s original developers once the site is up and running. The content management system (CMS) means users can
         easily and intuitively update, change, publish, add and continually edit content and products.

  Magento comes packed with eye-catching and stunning templates and themes to help you showcase your products in the best possible         light. The fact that it’s an open source solution that makes light work of the design of your ecommerce store means that Magento online         stores are amongst the most cost effective considering their level of sophistication, functionality and ultimately potential for generating         revenue.

  Users can manage multiple different stores from one admin panel and, because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so crucial in today’s         online market place, Magento have lots of fantastic features that make it easier to optimize your site for better SEO resulting in more         traffic, more sales and a better ranking on the top search engines.

  Plus, since the explosion of tablet and smart phones on the market, Magento accommodates launching your brand into the incredibly         lucrative mobile commerce space.

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Brochure sites that are ideal for those with a specific service that either wants to enhance their online presence or effectively create one. Our brochure sites are easy to manage, you can change the content yourself or even add extra pages.

  WordPress website design is the content management system (CMS) software of choice for almost a quarter of ALL websites on the internet today and for websites with a CMS, WordPress is used for a massive 60% of them.

  A WordPress site, also often known as a brochure site, is a completely customizable, static site generally used as an online         version of the traditional sales brochure. As you can imagine from the amount of websites created on WordPress there are         a long list of benefits of using the CMS and perhaps one of the most influential factors is that it’s just so easy to use.

  WordPress is a self-contained system so you don’t need to worry about HTML or coding and don’t need to be a computer         whizz to navigate your way around adding pages, images and so on easily and on a regular basis. Plus, since WordPress was         originally designed as a blogging platform, it’s really easy to add a blog with its built-in blogging capabilities.

  As WordPress is browser based you can log in from anywhere in the world and manage your website as well as assigning         users different access and capabilities. You have a huge amount of control and autonomy to manage your own website         which means you don’t have to incur the cost of asking a developer to make simple changes to your site, as it’s just so easy
        to do yourself, saving you time and money.

  WordPress is a self-contained system so you don’t need to worry about HTML or coding and don’t need to be a computer         whizz to navigate your way around adding pages, images and so on easily and on a regular basis. Plus, since WordPress was         originally designed as a blogging platform, it’s really easy to add a blog with its built-in blogging capabilities.

  WordPress also comes with an impressive catalogue of plug-ins such as Twitter feeds, calendars, videos and so on so you         can increase the functionality of your website as much as you like often for free, or for a really reasonable fee. Whether
        your website is 12 pages or 1200 pages, the performance of the site won’t be compromised by the sophistication or size of
        your site and is designed to grow with your business.


WooCommerce is a powerful and extremely user-friendly ecommerce plugin that enables you to sell anything, anytime. When it was launched in 2011 the industry had high hopes and with over 1.6 million downloads worldwide, it hasn’t disappointed. It now boasts an impressive chunk of the growing ecommerce market and continues to evolve and provide merchants with an affordable and flexible ecommerce platform.

The open-source platform is packed with lots of really useful features yet remains incredibly easy to navigate and gives those new to ecommerce the chance to get to grips with selling online without having to spend a fortune. Perhaps one of the biggest draws of WooCommerce is that users don’t need to have much technical knowledge to be able to use it effectively, it’s really easy to categorize products, set sale prices and so on, not to mention sell a range of products from physical to virtual and downloadables.

  With WooCommerce users can have as
        simple or as sophisticated platform as
        they like choosing from apps such as
        inventory management and shipping
        settings and as detailed customization as
        they wish with lots of different themes and
        features providing a platform that is
        professional yet easy to manage.

  Perhaps one of the biggest draws of
        WooCommerce is that users don’t need to
        have much technical knowledge to be able
        to use it effectively, it’s really easy to
        categorize products, set sale prices and so
        on, not to mention sell a range of products
        from physical to virtual and download.

  What’s great is because WooCommerce is a
        WordPress plugin, and over half of the top
        1 million websites are supported by
        WordPress, it gives users a sense of
        familiarity saving time, for a stress free set

  One of the most important things for a
         website owner is knowing how their
         website is being used, from where, when
         and by whom. WooCommerce has a built
         in analytics system breaking down the
         figures that you care about and presenting
         them in an easy to understand format.

  Plus WooCommerce have also built an
         enviable reputation for their reliability and
         professionalism with a support system
         made up of real people rather than call


Juvenate Media can Develop Both Ecommerce Site and WordPress Brochure Sites in a Responsive Format.

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Responsive website design and development means that a website will react to the size of the screen the site is being viewed on and optimize a user’s browser experience based on the device that it’s being accessed via. Don’t get mobile-friendly websites and responsive websites confused though, a mobile friendly website may look great on a mobile but not on a tablet and doesn’t come with the same advantages of a responsive website.

  With over 40% of all website traffic coming from mobiles and
        tablets more and more brands are quickly realising that to
        compete in today’s marketplace they need a responsive website.
        Consumers are using their mobile and tablet devices to make
        purchases online more than ever before and responsive design is
        essential when trying to make a consumer comfortable enough
        with your website that they’ll make a purchase.

  Responsive design is important whatever shape and size your
        business is. Research shows 94% of smartphone users look for
        local providers on the phone and 84% then take action, either
        contacting the business or making a purchase. This shows just how
        critical a responsive design is for local businesses as well as the big

  There is a proven link between a consistent user experience and
         your websites’ conversion rates. Responsive design removes some
         of the stumbling blocks that having different sites can cause as
         consumers react positively to something they find familiar
         and consistent. What’s more, having a single responsive site
         means that your analytics are all in one place and you don’t have
         to track conversion paths and user journeys on multiple sites.

  Having a responsive design also means that you can concentrate
        your efforts on a single SEO strategy and have a single set of
        hyperlinks and so on which results in time and cost savings,
        especially over time. In fact, Google even recommend having a
        responsive website design because they say that having one URL
        for both your desktop and mobile sites makes it far easier for their
        algorithms to index content.

We develop both ecommerce and WordPress websites in a responsive format which means that the cost of traditionally creating separate desktop and mobile friendly websites is dramatically reduced.

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Have one of our digital team look over your website for free, we will give you free advice where you could improve the optimisation and lead generation

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