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In competitive economical climates where the smallest of factors can persuade a buyer to choose one supplier over another, web video can provide the edge that you need. Nothing is quite as useful for marketing purposes as having the ability to directly communicate with your target audiences. For this reason web videos are on the increase, whether they be product videos, showroom tours or client testimonials.

Web video has been proven to increase the number of visitor who go on to contact a business by up to 70%

Web video ensures that your key messages and unique USP’s are articulated accurately, effectively and directly to the people that have the most impact on your business – your potential customers. This is a direct communication and interaction method which is simple, impactful and yet a very cost effective method to engage directly with visitors to your site.   Juvenate Media have scripts created by expert content writers, video footage is professionally filmed and edited for a cutting edge look and feel which is then all embedded seamlessly on your website. Juvenate Media’s web video offerings are affordable and do not require constant management.
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