Web Design and SEO Agency in Cardiff


Web Design and SEO Agency in Cardiff

February 20, 2015
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Cardiff is arguably one of the most vibrant and progressive cities in the UK both in terms of physical transformation and economic growth. As a matter of fact, fDi Intelligence ranked the city as the 5th best city in Europe in terms of human resource and the tenth best for its infrastructure which includes internet accessibility and ease of business establishment. In light of this competitive environment, you need a web design and SEO agency in Cardiff which can help you carve a niche for your business and remain competitive.

Web designing is a dynamic field which can prove to be a challenge to keep pace with especially in a complex business environment as the one Cardiff businesses find themselves in today. Whether your business is online-based or has physical premises, you must have a strong web presence  so as to succeed in attracting both online and walk-in customers.

Mobile penetration is deepening by day as most customers find it convenient to access resource-based websites and online stores through their Smartphones, tablets and other mobiles devices. Each of these devices has a different screen resolution and as such your website has to be responsive if it is to give these customers an exceptional experience while navigating through your site. As a web design and SEO agency in Cardiff, our company employs the latest technology in designing responsive websites which are optimised for the different screen resolutions. This enhances your conversion chances.

In addition to your site responsiveness, you need a web design platform that caters for your unique business needs. Two of the most popular platforms that businesses of all kinds use today are Magento and WordPress platforms.  The good thing with anchoring your business on Magento website platforms is that they have intuitive features that give you full control over your site even if you do not necessarily have technical expertise.

WordPress-based websites on the other hand account for over 25 percent of all businesses on the web today. This platform enables you to customise your site so as to optimise both your brand and user experience.

Our web design experts will professionally build your site complete with search engine optimisation, CMS and e-commerce functionalities. We shall also integrate useful e-commerce and social plugins including WooCommerce to enhance your online store user experience.


Internet Marketing and SEO

Internet marketing is the service that brings in real business value. Irrespective of the products that you are selling, having an aggressive internet marketing strategy will help you to reach out and seize a significant market share in your respective industry. Successful internet marketing begins with a comprehensive and well thought out SEO plan. This is why you need to partner with an internet marketing and SEO company that understands the online business infrastructure.

Our experts will help you in the selection of competitive and converting keywords that will give you an edge over your competitors. Our search engine optimisation strategy focuses on both offsite and onsite optimisation. We take time to understand your business proposition so as to put in place a comprehensive plan that will make you visible both locally through local SEO optimisation as well as in global searches. We shall also monitor your online performance so that every penny you invest is accounted for and contributes to a higher return on investment.

Internet marketing and SEO can be complemented with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. This is particularly the case if you want to quickly gain a significant market share in a competitive sector.  Our programmes are flexible, fully managed and work based on a daily fixed budget to help you track progress.

We Get You Social

Being online means being social! After all, you need the attention of customers and prospects in order to push your products down the sales funnel. Social media marketing is arguably one of the most expansive avenues that help you market your products and services online. The reason why we get you social is because nearly 90 percent of both small and medium sized enterprises enjoy increased traffic and brand exposure through social media marketing. Our social media experts understand the appropriate channels on which to advance your business case and you can always count on us to change the way you communicate with your target audience so as to get more personal and engaging.

With Twitter and Facebook commanding a joint user base of approximately 1.5 billion, knowing how to launch into social media platforms can increase your chances of success, deepen your market penetration and take control of your target market. This is precisely why we get you socialthrough our web design and SEO agency  in Cardiff.