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SMM – Social Media Marketing Services

The growth and accessibility of social media marketing means that organizations of all shapes and sizes are able to directly compete with each other. Recent industry research shows that nearly 90% of small and medium sized business enjoyed increased brand exposure, with two thirds reporting an increase in traffic. Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other and as well as being a powerful tool in our personal lives, it has also revolutionized the way brands are able to engage with their target customers.

The list of social media’s benefits is almost endless, but there are some core benefits that explain why more and more businesses every month are turning to social media to take their business to the next level.
With Facebook and Twitter serving 1.5 billion users around the world alone, it’s easy to see how it can allow your business to transcend your geographic area. Even if your customer base is local, it gives you an unrivalled channel of communicating with them and gives a critical competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry.

The key to social media is to know which platforms give you the best opportunity to connect with you target audience. Facebook is typically great for B2C brands, whilst Twitter is the next generation of word of mouth marketing so fantastic for business that thrive on word-of-mouth and LinkedIn you access to a professional audience. Of course you can be on more than one of the major platforms, it’s just about understating who you’re talking to on each and tailoring your content accordingly.

The real beauty of social media marketing over more traditional marketing channels is that it gives your customers the chance to communicate back to you. You can engage with them in real time and Facebook allows you to find out the favourite interests of people who ‘like’ your company page so that you can find out what your target audience is talking about and cares about and use this to your marketing advantage. SMM not only gives you a clear competitive advantage but gives a face to your business, strengthening customer loyalty.

Compared to more traditional marketing methods, in particular print methods, social media marketing is extremely cost-effective and can have a huge impact on your overall marketing expense. Instead of relying on the assumption that if you get in front of enough people at least a few of them will be potential customers, social media can be extremely targeted and mean that you concentrate your efforts on those who are most likely to be or are already interested in your brand. You can even find people who have bought from your competitors combine this with some targeted paid Facebook ads for example or even just a well-executed campaign and you’ve completely revolutionised your approach to lead generation saving you time and money.

Social media also does wonders for your website’s SEO. Take blogging for example, websites with blogs are proven to attract over 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than without one. Plus you can keep track of all your increased activity through analytics that monitor your social media activities and performance allowing you to refine and perfect your activities, not to mention allows you to keep a close eye on exactly what you’re getting for each £1 of your marketing budget spent.

Bespoke social media marketing campaigns managed by Juvenate Media are designed to create perfect continuity between your company, your offline and online marketing and create a persona that will enable you to engage with your target customers. Our strategic approach begins by undertaking an audit of the social media presence in your industry followed by research of your existing online and social profiles to enable us to devise, create, execute and manage campaigns that are mostly likely to bring you an impressive return on your investment. So, whether you’re are looking at increasing your social or online presence, or perhaps you are considering a targeted strategy to increase enquiries, Juvenate Media have the know-how, insights and insider knowledge on how to tap into the powerful potential of social media marketing.

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