SMO Social Media Marketing Company in Cardiff and Bristol


SMO Social Media Marketing Company in Cardiff and Bristol

April 17, 2015

Almost every business in Cardiff and Bristol has a social media presence and through their regular posting, they are creating a leadership of some sort among their audience. However, as an SMO Social Media Marketing Company in Cardiff and Bristol, we strongly feel that being in social media is not enough and businesses have to optimise their social media influence if they are to earn real returns and boost their market leadership.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is somewhat a novel concept for most business owners and website administrators and hence the need to employ the services of a professional SEO company that understands every detail that goes into SMO. We have professionals who will check your analytics to see the days and times when your social media followers are most likely to interact with your updates and posts. We also focus on the post formats your audience prefers so as to deepen the readership base.

The main goal of SMO is to enhance the awareness of your business and products using the social media platform. Our SMO Social Media Marketing Company in Cardiff and Bristol will also analyse all the critical factors such as headlines, social media profiles and call to actions which play a huge role in increasing the reach and visibility of your social media posts.

Why Branding Matters

Branding is a concept that is central to the marketing efforts of both small businesses and multinationals. Through branding, your business will create a scintillating spark that will make it irresistible in the eyes of your customers and other stakeholders. This in essence is why branding matters to all businesses regardless of their level of complexity.

Your brand sets your business apart from competition and builds a real and distinct personality around it. Branding goes beyond your logo, tagline or name to include the attitude, energy, behavior, code of ethics and value system imbued in your business and employees.

In the virtue world in which businesses are positioned today, your size does not limit your visibility. As long as you have an online presence, anybody in the world can access your business profile and interact with your products and services. Therefore, if you are interested in building a business with customers, you should think deeply about branding because without it your business will lack a pulse, a presence, an identity and a purpose.

Another reason why branding matters to your business is the existence of a strong relationship between the brand and your ability to sell. The more successful your brand is, the easier it will be for you to engage your customers and create a deeper emotional connection with them. Our web design professionals bring together the best branding practices to give you a roadmap on how to build a formidable brand without necessarily spending a boatload of money. We shall unlock the greatest secret to branding your business to enable you speak in your own your voice in an authentic, congruent and real manner.


Get Social and Get Found

Social media is no longer the playground where businesses simply display their might and the goodies they carry but rather a very important funnel to tap convertible traffic. As a matter of fact, ever since search engines started using social network activity as a ranking signal, businesses can get social and get found.

In the online lingo, visibility equals opportunity. It does not matter how brilliant your service, product or business is, if your audience can’t find it on the web then you do not exist and cannot influence their purchase decisions.

We have workable formulas to help you create and grow a visible presence on social networks around the web. Our professionals integrate your blog to your other social platforms enabling a stream of traffic from these networks all the way to the hub of your marketing activity where they get to interact extensively with your product. We therefore cannot overemphasise the get social and get found concept for business in Cardiff and Bristol.

We Can Help Get Social

In light of the benefits businesses stand to enjoy by being visible on social platforms, we have taken the responsibility and initiatives to help businesses realise this potential. We can help get social through various tools and strategies we have invested in as a company. Our experts are adequately trained and have the necessary experience to transform your business into a thought leader in your respective niche.

The fact that our SMO Social Media Marketing Company in Cardiff and Bristol has worked with other businesses across a number of niche markets and succeeded is a testimony enough that we can help get social.

Come talk to us and we shall see how to make social engagement a core component of your business operations.