Responsive websites and their benefits

repResponsive website design and development means that a website will react to the size   of the screen the site is being viewed on and optimize a user’s browser experience based on the device that it’s being accessed via. Don’t get mobile-friendly websites and responsive websites confused though, a mobile friendly website may look great on a mobile but not on a tablet and doesn’t come with the same advantages of a responsive website.

With over 40% of all website traffic coming from mobiles and tablets more and more brands are quickly realising that to compete in today’s marketplace they need a responsive website. Consumers are using their mobile and tablet  devices to make purchases online more than ever before and responsive design is essential when trying to make a consumer comfortable enough with your website that they’ll make a purchase.

Responsive design is important whatever shape and size your business is. Research shows  94%  of smartphone users look for local providers on the phone and  84%  then take action, either contacting the business or making a purchase. This shows just how critical a responsive design is for local businesses as well as the big brands.

There is a proven link between a consistent user experience and your websites’ conversion rates. Responsive design removes some of the stumbling blocks that having different sites can cause as consumers react positively to something they find familiar and consistent.  What’s more, having a single responsive site means that your analytics are all in one place and you don’t have to track conversion paths and user journeys on multiple sites.

Having a responsive design also means that you can concentrate your efforts on a single SEO strategy and have a single set of hyperlinks and so on which results in time and cost savings, especially over time. In fact, Google even recommend having a responsive website design because they say that having one URL for both your desktop and mobile sites makes it far easier for their algorithms to index content.

We develop both ecommerce and WordPress websites in a responsive format which means that the cost of traditionally creating separate desktop and mobile friendly websites is dramatically reduced.