Responsive Web Design in Norwich

Responsive Web Design in Norwich

February 16, 2015
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Mobile internet usage has been growing at an astronomical pace in the past few years and is quickly gaining a deeper penetration rate. As a matter of fact, almost every person these days owns a mobile device of one sort or the other that is connected to the internet. This phenomenon coupled with the growing emphasis on user experience and the need for websites to adapt to the different screen sizes justifies why responsive web design in Norwich is more of a necessity than a luxurious consideration.

Responsive web design as defined by Ethan Marcotte simply means the practice of designing a website that responds to the needs of users irrespective of the devices they are using and the screen sizes from which they are viewing your site.

The main focus of responsive web design is to provide a gratifying and intuitive experience for both your desktop and mobile users. As screen sizes keep on changing across tablets, phablets, phones, game consoles, TVs, wearables and desktops, your website layout also needs to change so as to accommodate these developments in device sizes and capabilities.

Among the benefits you will enjoy by embracing responsive web design Norwich include optimized landscape and portrait screen orientations, adaptive site menus to enhance both desktop and mobile user experience, enhanced site navigation, dismissible banners to enable users accomplish tasks without interruption as well as improve the visibility of your site content.

Our web design and SEO company clearly understands the different responsive web design patterns and their respective impacts across desktop and mobile devices. When building responsive websites, we use a combination of patterns including off canvas, fluid, column drop, layout shifter as well as tiny tweaks. The result of this is a website that not only responds to different screen resolutions but also one that retains your traffic beyond the average 8-second attention span.

SEO and the Benefits for Your New Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of enhancing and promoting a website so as to boost its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) and in turn increase the quantity and quality of web traffic that the site receives. Whether you are a startup or an established business in Norwich, you need to seriously consider the various aspects of SEO and the benefits for your new website because in more ways than you can imagine, they determine your success online.

Structuring your website in a way that search engine bots can easily crawl through it raises your online profile and positions your site as an authoritative resource base in the eyes of your web traffic. Putting in place SEO best practices pays handsome dividends down the line as your business grows in structure and customer base. Among the benefits that SEO will bring your way include:

  • Site visibility- traffic will be able to find your website easily because of its excellent ranking on SERPs.
  • Explore new markets and boost growth- SEO will increase and differentiate your customer base as well as giving you access to new markets through targeted visits. These will ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom-line.
  • Brand awareness- potential customers will easily notice, trust and identify with your brand if it constantly appears top of their search results pages.
  • Bypass competition- Others things being equal, search optimized websites have a higher chance of growing faster, gaining more customers and succeeding online compared to their non-optimized peers.

SEO and the benefits for your new website that come packaged with it, will also open your Norwich business 24/7 and help you gain a deeper exposure and penetration in your social media campaigns.

Our SEO Company has immense capacity and deep insights that you can tap and benefit from. In addition to many other things, our professionals will install site analytics, set up search engine webmaster tools, create and upload robots.txt files to your website’s root directory, conduct keyword research, develop optimized web content and enhance your link profile.

Why Mobile Friendly Sites Are Now Required

According to research, 57 percent of mobile traffic will leave a website if it takes over 3 seconds to load while 30 percent will abandon a shopping cart if it is not mobile optimized. This statistical evidence shows the sales impact of mobile optimization and why mobile friendly sites are now required more than ever before.

As you contemplate making your site mobile friendly, consider the sales impact that such a decision can have on your business. According to customer surveys, many mobile purchases are often impulse buys and if statistics are anything to go by, mobile users spend more per purchase than desktop website shoppers. Mobile also gets more traffic because over a quarter of global searches are done on mobile. This combined with the improved brand engagement, reduced bounce rates and increased conversions that come with mobile optimization, underscores why mobile friendly sites are now required by both startups and established businesses.

Responsive web design in Norwich can therefore transform and scale your business to new heights as it taps into the existing customer base as well as forays into new markets. Do not let your competitors get the best of you; enhance your visibility through a mobile friendly and a search engine optimized responsive website.