Local SEO and Web Design Company in Bristol


Local SEO and Web Design Company in Bristol

March 5, 2015
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The economic and demographic statistics of Bristol indicate a robust major city that is capable of supporting good business growth and expansion. With such an optimistic forecast and dynamic economy, it is only natural that new businesses will spring up and others will shift base into the city so that they can tap into this growth potential. Subsequently, all of these factors lead to a heightened level of competition, and standing out from the rest is the only way to survive and succeed.  As a local SEO and web design company in Bristol, we take the initiative to help you bring out your image, brand, products and services to your target market by enhancing your online visibility.

When marketing in an area such as Bristol, you should aim for local visibility more than global optimisation. This is because most of your customers and prospects are within the city and prefer a local company that is able to meet their needs conveniently and professionally. A professional local SEO company will capitalise on the increased Smartphone usage and better connectivity to design a strategy that will boost your business in Bristol.

While similar to organic search engine optimisation, local SEO is mainly focused on the provision of results that are relevant to a customer (searcher) based on their location. Up to 40 percent of mobile queries have been established to have a local intent. This means a huge potential market for businesses whose websites are locally optimised.

In enhancing your visibility, our local SEO and web design company in Bristol have experts who will setup your Google places for business page and ensure that all your details including opening hours, contact information and physical address are updated. They will also link your Google places business page to a Google+ Local Page for social interaction as well as work on your on page SEO.


Web Development

Whilst some businesses think of a website as a placeholder for their business online, it is much more than that. A website is basically your business face on the online space. An ever increasing number of people are using the internet to purchase goods and services because of its convenience and variety. If you are to survive the powerful force of e-commerce and possibly leverage on it to grow and expand your business, you need the services of a seasoned web development company.

Coming up with a website in today’s mobile generation where customers are using devices of different screen sizes and resolutions, requires skill and experience.  Web visitors have one of the shortest concentration spans and it is upon you as a business owner to retain them longer on your site in order for them to sample and buy your products. Through a responsive and e-commerce enabled website, you can enhance their experience and drive them down the sales funnel. Irrespective of your business strategy, our web development professionals are able to tailor your site to meet your unique specifications. We design our sites using the Magento eCommerce platform, WordPress and WooCommerce.

Digital Marketing

It is undeniable that digital marketing is the engine that is driving business today. Regardless of your business size, having an effective online marketing strategy can help you bridge the psychology of the market place with electronic technology.

The years ahead are phenomenal not only for businesses but also for customers. There is a greater acceptance of digital transactions fuelled by the various virtual money platforms. Traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio, print as well as billboards are fast becoming irrelevant and as such they are being abandoned for the more progressive digital channels.

By partnering with a company that offers expert digital marketing services, you are setting up your business for limitless success. Our experience in using instant messaging, videos, RSS feeds, email, social media channels and the web as a whole to push sales and reach into new marketing frontiers is unmatched. We help customers in setting up and launching digital campaigns for new products and services as well as design strategies for entry into new markets. Our focus on mobile marketing ensures that your business horizon is expanded to cover the various mobile gadgets that have exploded into the market including all forms of tablets and smart phones.

With technology becoming more and more complex, you need a local SEO and web design company in Bristol to help you in developing customer-oriented and locally optimised websites as well as sound online marketing strategies.

With the search engines set to prioritise mobile friendly websites when people search on a mobile device it has become even more important that companies make sure that their website is up to the new ways that potential clients are searching and speak to a local company who are experts in digital marketing.