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  • The Impact of SEO on Your Sites Performance - Anyone familiar with the ins and outs of web design and online marketing will know the importance of SEO on a site’s performance. For beginners, however, jargon like SEO can seem intimidating and inaccessible. Fortunately, the concept of SEO is not too difficult to learn and is essential to the success of your online content. […]
  • Is White Hat SEO Still a Valid Strategy - If you run a site that promotes a product or service, one of the major goals is to be as visible to your target audience as possible. Websites that aren’t easily found by the target market, end up losing so much in traffic and potential sales. For this reason, search engine optimization has grown as […]
  • The Social Bookmarking Effect -A Proven Way to Boost Your Site Traffic - Social bookmarking is a technique that relies on the authority of social media sites by creating links from them to a new website. In this way, some of the authority flows to the new sites and they begin ranking as well. Since 1996, a good number of online bookmark management services have come up, one […]
  • The importance of keeping your website updated - You’ve probably spent hours of time and a lot of effort into building your perfect website. In 2019, having your own website is an essential part of any business- and by far the most effective marketing tool. A solid website can generate leads and sales, and gives past customers a reason to come back.   […]
  • Web Designers Are Not Mind Readers - Web designers and developers create visual concepts using computer software to give businesses and individuals platforms where they can showcase their products and inform or captivate their customers. Their skill level helps them develop the overall layout and the production design depending on the type of website and the content required. This being said, it […]
  • Keeping Pace with Google Search Algorithms and Best Practices in Link Building - Every year, Google’s ranking algorithm undergoes big changes that website managers and SEO experts ought to keep pace with. These updates are not perfect on their own, but cumulatively they play a fundamental role in helping users find the best results for their queries. While some of the changes are dramatic, others are so tiny […]
  • The Importance of Getting Good Reviews - Online reviews are very important to businesses today because most people are increasingly relying on them to make purchase decisions. Getting good customer reviews helps to boost your brand reputation thus attracting more customers to your business. Online reviews, is a new form of communication and marketing for businesses and through feedback, your message can […]
  • Google Spider: How Often It Crawls and What It Means for Your Site - Everyday, Google through their crawling bots, spider millions of websites. The crawling and indexing work has a huge impact on how your website ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs). The closest you can associate a Google spider with is a celebrity manager trying to discover a singer’s talent and thereafter introducing them to record […]
  • The Google Speed Update and Its Impact on Your Website Performance - Google is regularly updating its ranking algorithm by introducing ranking factors that enable it to deliver on its core mandate of making information universally available and useful. The ranking algorithms cut across all devices from desktops to mobile. In January 2018, the search engine announced a new ranking algorithm specifically targeting mobile searches. The algorithm […]
  • How to Discover and Master Your Company’s Brand - The United Kingdom is home to over 6 million businesses. Each of these businesses whether large or small is scrambling for a space to market its products and services to its target customers.  Over 500 billion pounds are spent every year on advertising meaning companies are putting their best foot forward to get a slice […]