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Everywhere you look you’ll see people with iPads, at home, at work, young or old – there’s no getting away from them! And considering there are new apps added to the app store everyday you’d be hard pushed to think of something that doesn’t have one telling you how to make it, where to find it or let you play it.

But they’re not just changing the way we use technology at home, many business consider them an important and effective tool for business presentations and sales pitches.

More and more of the UK’s salesforce are successfully using their iPads to deliver presentations to prospective clients and revolutionising the traditional sales pitch. The iPad has several clear cut advantages over more ‘traditional’ PowerPoint presentations powered from a laptop. Firstly it’s portability, whilst laptops where invented as a portable alternative to the desktop computer, the iPad has taken the portability factor several steps further. iPad presentations cannotonly be shown anywhere, anytime but they’re loaded with loads of apps that give the salesperson access to information such as pricing information, customer records, inventory status and a whole host of other real time data.

Utilizing the iPad for business presentations makes the whole process far more natural as the device can easily be passed around and read as if it’s a magazine or acts as a sophisticated version of the printed paper hand-outs.

Both the iPad and the iPad 2 can project content onto a larger screen either via a VGA adapter connected to a compatible projector or the iPad 2’s video mirroring functionality means content can be directly transmitted on to a compatible TV or computer screen.

What’s more iPads have a much better battery life than lots of conventional laptops so you can avoid those embarrassing battery fails! Whilst there are lots of apps available to help you create your own iPad presentations, as with most things if it’s worth doing its worth doing properly and prospective clients will be able to tell the different between a professionally branded presentation and the result of an amateur fiddling around with the overwhelming amount of different styles and design options there are.

Professionally branded iPad presentations are a powerful point of sale that mean your sales people can almost sit back relax and let the presentation do the talking!