How to Discover and Master Your Company's Brand


How to Discover and Master Your Company’s Brand

April 27, 2015

The United Kingdom is home to over 6 million businesses. Each of these businesses whether large or small is scrambling for a space to market its products and services to its target customers.  Over 500 billion pounds are spent every year on advertising meaning companies are putting their best foot forward to get a slice of the customers’ mindshare. Branding is one of the buzzwords in the 21st century marketing world. As a business, you can only reap tangible rewards from your marketing efforts only if you know how to discover and master your company’s brand.

Brand marketing has everything to do with standing out from the crowd and getting noticed. However, this is not an easy path for most businesses because most of them are yet to understand what their brands stand for and how to propagate the right brand image to the wider audience. This is where we come in because our professionals are seasoned brand specialists and will take you through brand discovery and positioning irrespective of your business model.

What Branding Entails

For you to know how to discover and master your company’s brand, you must first internalise the branding concept. Simply defined, branding is the art of setting apart your product or service from your competitors. Creating a distinguishable personality for your business which stakeholders including your target customers remember with ease and respond to is what branding entails.

A company without a poor branding campaign becomes invisible and literally throws away marketing resources. It is a high time you transform your business from a swirling leaf in the wind to one that commands a huge flowing and a strong customer base through branding. Let your marketing messages be memorable and intricately linked to your brand equity. When you master what branding entails, you will easily reach out and connect with your customers by focusing your attention on them.


How to Discover Your Brand

Branding is not something you dream up but rather discover. The culture and mission of your business is the foundation of your business personality and gives you the pathway on how to discover your brand. You cannot separate branding from your company because the two are interlinked and support the company’s message. There needs to be authenticity in branding because you are simply reflecting your mission, values and business model on your company’s image. Any mistake in branding will make your company fictitious in the eyes of your most valued business partners; your customers.

One of the best approaches on how to discover your brand is to look past the opinion and clutter in a bid to distill the true essence of your business identity. Your design, writing and all other aspects of your marketing should be aligned and tied with that central concept. Inasmuch as there is no one-fits-all formula in discovering your company’s brand, there are certain ingredients that must be present to accomplish this.

Company mission – This is the spirit of your company and the heartbeat of what you do. Mastering your company’s mission and expressing it outwardly is what branding really means. Brainstorm on why your company exists over and above the employees, internal systems, assets and the business relationships that you have.

Value system – This consists of the principles you stand for. There are certain ideals that every company is identified with. They could be ethical, social or environmental and they form the core component of your uniqueness.

Culture – In a bid to discovering and mastering your brand as a company, you must embrace your business culture. This is what will make you stand out amidst a million other competitors in your market space. Your culture is the fabric with which your business is made.

Other branding ingredients you must focus on are your company history, your strategic plan and customer relationships. It may take a bit of soul-searching to discover the uniqueness your business brings to the marketplace. We know the trick and our highly talented and skilled brand engineers will bring out the beauty and inspiration in your business through a well coordinated branding strategy.

We shall hold your hand as we show you how to discover and master your company’s brand so that you too can find your story and give your business a unique voice.