E-shots & E-marketing Norwich


E-shots & E-marketing Norwich

February 12, 2015
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Affordable, effective and easy to orchestrate, E-shots and E-marketing Norwich are becoming increasingly integral to many companies’ online marketing strategies.

Offering real and tangible results, E-shots and E-marketing can have a big impact on any ambitious business’s prospects. In many cases, they could make the difference between buyers making one off purchases and becoming loyal customers for life.

E-shots & E-marketing Norwich

E-shots & E-marketing Norwich



What are E-shots and E-marketing?

 E-shots and E-marketing use email to communicate and interact with a company’s client base.

From promoting special offers to keeping customers updated on the latest products and innovations, E-shots and E-marketing are low cost, easy and effective ways for small and growing companies to boost their business.

What are the features of E-shots and E-marketing?

 E-shots and E-marketing can be as flexible and as feature rich as you want them to be. By using the internet and specially trained programmers, companies can include everything from video and animation to images, vouchers and links in their communications.

Though there are costs involved in paying developers to create the perfect message, research has shown that, on average, business to customer campaigns recoup £30 for every £1 spent.

 What are the benefits of E-shots and E-marketing?

 As E-shots and E-marketing are aimed at customers who have already signed up for the service, you’re spending time, money and energy following up on warm leads. This generally provides much better results than campaigns that target new customers cold.

Thanks to the instant nature of email marketing, the platform allows businesses to notify their customers of any breaking news, special offers or limited time promotions straight away, something that can help to build brand loyalty and brand identity in the mind of the consumer.

E-shots and E-marketing are also unrestricted by geography, allowing local companies in places like Norwich to reach out nationally and internationally at the click of a button.

Affordable, versatile and effective, E-shots and E-marketing should play a part in every business’s promotional strategy. Get in touch with your local web expert today to find out more.